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    At Perth Scrap Metal , our hardworking and friendly team takes care of scrap cars in the best possible manner. If you’ve got a vehicle – any make, model or condition –that you’d like to be scrapped, we at Perth Scrap Metal are at your service. We also offer Free Car RemovalsPerth wide, so there’s no need for you to pay a towing company or drive the car over to us, we’ve got you covered there, for FREE!

    To get a FREE QUOTE and book your FREE CAR REMOVAL, CALL (08) 6270 7878

    Now You Can Get A Sizable Chunk of Cash Out of a Totally
    Wrecked Car in Perth!

    Yes, you read it right! At Perth Scrap Metals, we offer some of the best cash offer for cars. Wondering what exactly gets you cash when you avail our Car Removal service in Perth? Regardless of how trashed, broken or old a car may be, it is made out of precious metals, which can ultimately get you cash. Some of these parts include:

    So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, even if your car is ancient, wrecked or otherwise damaged. We will pay cash for its scrap metals, which can fetch you a handsome amount.

    Car Removals Perth

    Top Reasons to Choose Perth Scrap Metal for Your Car Removal

    Recently changed your car because it often broke down on you? Free up garage space and get rid of clutter by getting rid of that scrap car! Not only would we remove your car for you but we will also pay top dollar for it. Just contact us to get the job done!

    We do realise that you would have developed feelings for it and it gets tough if you have manymemories associated with a certain car. However, just realise that you are not only freeing yourself of the clutter but also doing this planet a favour by scrapping old metals because that would help in making new components for many other beautiful cars. This is a cycle since eventually you are helping and fighting to be on the side of the planet as less resources would be used to mine new metals.

    If that isn’t enough, you are also getting paid for it – money which could help you finance a new car to make beautiful new memories with!

    Get Up To $9,999 With Our Free Car Removals in Perth

    Perth Scrap Metal offers quotes as high as $9,999, that too, instantly. Our team inspects the vehicle thoroughly and gives you the best quote for it. If you accept the quote, our team would come to your place as we provide free towing service. We remove the vehicle and
    instantly pay the money as our first priority is to get the job done without any hassle to you.

    Our team gives the quote on the basis of weight, size, age, and condition of the vehicle. Which is why it is critical that you provide the complete details of your vehicle in order to get an accurate quote.Perth Scrap Metal owns a fleet of tow trucks which can tow any car, truck, or SUV of any model or make. From broken, scrap, old, used, unwanted, and damaged cars to a slightly better conditioned car, we have all the required resources and manpower to removeall of it.

    Other than used and scrap vehicles, we also buy ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, which include aluminium, steel, copper, brass, iron and lead.

    Contact the Car Removal Experts at Perth Scrap Metal

    If you have got an old car in your backyard, just call our expert team at the number below to get it sold for top cash today.

    CALL (08) 6270 7878

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    Call us today to get rid of your scrap metal for top cash. We buy household appliances,car parts and other metal items.

    Get in touch with Us today on the number below.
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