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    Perth Scrap Metal , true to its name, is a leading Scrap Metal Buyer in Perth that buys and recycles all kinds of scrap. Are you in need of quick cash? Look around the house and collect all the scrap metal you’ve got. All that scrap can fetch you instant cash with us!
    Call Perth Scrap Metal at (08) 6270 7878

    If you’ve got some old or broken household appliance lying around, you can easily turn it into cold hard cash. At Perth Scrap Metal, we buy most ferrous and non-ferrous metal, which can include aluminium, steel, iron, lead, brass, copper and more.

    These metals are mostly found in the following items:

    Why It’s Important to Support Responsible Metal Recycling in Perth?

    With a growing population comes a growing demand for goods and since most metals are
    quite a rare substance, this diminishes their supply in the market and in turn, the prices rise. Not only that, but it puts an additional burden on the planet, as well.

    Not only does scrapping metal earn you instant cash, but it also helps in increasing thesupply asmore recycled metal enters the market as raw material, hence increasing thesupply and decreasing the price, which means it’ll help you earn indirectly in the long run, as well.

    Metal Recycling and Sustainability

    As we are witnessing a climate shift globally, it is the need of the hour that we embrace recycling as a way of life. Recycling metals all around the globe would help lower the need for new metals, which in turn will help lower our carbon footprint.

    Remember, even if you think something is super old and won’t get you anything, there is a high probability it would! The properties of metals like these don’t get degraded with time and they could be recycled again and again. Here, at Perth Scrap Metal, we do exactly that. Our team collects metal scraps from you that are then recycled into raw materials, to be then used in new products. This makes Metal Recycling a very sustainable process, one that will have a positive impact on our environment. So, every lit bit helps make a difference.

    Why Choose Perth Scrap Metal for Your Metal Recycling Needs?

    Metal Recycling

    Customer satisfaction is our expert team’s utmost priority and we make sure you receive fair cash for your scrap metals than anywhere else in Perth. Keeping up with the industry rates, we ensure you can turn your unwanted equipment and junk metal into some real cash.

    If you have some old equipment, metal wires, components or literally any metal pieces to discard and want to earn money or just save some space, but you are not sure of the way it would be done? Perth Scrap Metal has made the job really easy for you. Just follow these simple steps.

    Call us for a quote. After getting all the relevant details regarding the scrap metals, we’ll be able to provide you with an estimate for it. Please note that prices will vary depending on the grade of the scrap metal, the quantity and other factors. So, we can sometimes only provide an accurate quote after looking at the scrap metals for sale.

    You can bring the scrap to our yard or if the quantity is large enough, we will send our team to collect it from your location. Once we’ve received the scrap metal, we’ll make the cash payment.

    Contact Us Today

    Call us today to get rid of your scrap metal for top cash. We buy household appliances, car parts and other metal items. Get in touch with us today on the number below.

    CALL (08) 6270 7878

    Contact Us Today

    Call us today to get rid of your scrap metal for top cash. We buy household appliances,car parts and other metal items.

    Get in touch with Us today on the number below.
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