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    Sell Electric Motors and Transformers for Cash at Perth
    Scrap Metal

    Electric Motors and Transformers are commonly found amongst most household appliances and in heavy industrial appliances. When these motors die and no longer work as they used to; they are still of great value in the ‘scrap market’.

    They usually tend to contain high levels of copper and other valuable metals in their components. This makes the motors highly recyclable and valuable. If you own any of these motors, regardless of their size or condition, bring them to us at Perth Scrap Metal or give us a call today at (08) 6270 7878 to find out more about their worth.

    Selling Your Old Electric Motors and Transformers for Instant
    Cash Is Now Easy, Thanks To Perth Scrap Metal

    Once your Electric Motors or Transformers stop functioning properly, you can bring themover to us or we can come to you, as per your convenience. Once our experienced team hasclosely examined the electric motor and inspected its metal components, we will weigheverything and set a quote for it.Sell Electric Motors and Transformers for instant CashinPerth today with us.

    The process that follows is fairly simple and we make sure that you know exactly what isgoing on.

    Electric Motors & Transformers

    Companies with dishonest intentions will try and confuse you with jargons and tellyou your motors are worthless without giving any logical explanations. This way, theyget topay you less for highly valuable components.

    Perth Scrap Metal, however, will always show you the exact composition of your scrapmotors and pay you in top dollar for whatever it is all worth.

    Where Can You Find Scrap Electric Motors?

    Electric motors form the better part of most appliances. This includes:

    These motors or transformers can be further dismantled from their base components in order to discover more about their composition. Dismantling them further makes it easier toinspect the metals that the motor is composed of. Once we know all the metals and alloys the motor is made up of, it becomes easier to put a price on it.

    You can watch the entire procedure so that you can be satisfied by the final quote that wegive your electric motor scrap.

    Recycling Old Electric Motors and Transformers Is Good for The Environment

    Since these electric motors and transformers are composed of various metals and alloys, it means that manufacturing them also requires a lot of resources. If every electronicmotor manufacturer began tapping into the natural resources of the earth for raw materialsevery day to make their products, not only would it take up a lot of the organisation’sresources and energy, but also drain out the Earth’s natural resources.

    This is where Perth Scrap Metal comes in. We buy all kinds of Scrap Metal from our customers and after processing them carefully, we sell it to the manufacturers asraw material. This recycling process saves up a lot of power and energy resources, and helpsreserve the natural resources of this beautiful planet.

    To get fair Cash for Scrap Metals in Perth, give us a call today at (08) 6270 7878

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