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    Did you know that most of your old or broken household appliances and other items are worth quite a bit of cash? Why let them accumulate and collect dust in your garage when you can sell them for cash today. To Sell Your Scrap Metals, call us today on the number below.
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    What Household Metals/Items Do We Accept?

    When it comes to household metals, we accept the following items:

    Top Reasons to Recycle Your Household Scrap Metals

    HouseHold Metals

    1. Free up space in your garage or home. Imagine how much more space you’ll have if you got rid of all that scrap that you’ve been hoarding. Recycling scrap metals is a great way to declutter your home.

    2. Get paid cash for your junk. Why toss out that broken toaster or your old toolkit when you can sell it to us and get paid cash for it?

    3. It’s good for the environment. Keeping our environment clean and green is each one of our responsibility. So, let’s all do the right thing and recycle as much as we can. It’s not just plastic we need to worry about when it comes to overflowing landfills. Dumping old appliances and other items that could have been recycled is not okay. So, do the right thing, not just for the environment, but for you and your children’s future. After all, we all need to strive to leave a clean and green planet for the next generation.

    Do You Offer Scrap Metal Collections?

    Depending on where you live and the quantity of scrap metals you’ve got, we might offer to come to your premises and pick it up. Please note that there might be a fee involved depending on the quantity. For more information on this, please contact us on the number below.

    Contact Us Today for More Information

    IF you’re not sure if we’ll accept a particular item, or need more information about our recycling process, get in touch with us at (08) 6270 7878

    Contact Us Today

    Call us today to get rid of your scrap metal for top cash. We buy household appliances,car parts and other metal items.

    Get in touch with Us today on the number below.
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